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Hier geht es zum AT Forum

Email von Tammy Giltner an Prof. Dr. Zielen über die Behandlung ihrer 11 jährigen Tochter mit Wachstumshormon.

Hello Dr. Zielen,

I recently read a part of your study of using GH on A-T mice with good results and see that you are currently recruiting children for your study. Since reading this, I thought I would contact you regarding our situation, hoping that it may be of some assistance with your study.

My daughter, Morgan (11), was diagnosed with A-T in November 2008 at 10 yrs old. She was put on the growth hormone, Genetropin, in August of 2007 at 8 yrs. old, due to her inability to produce normal levels of GH and IGF-1. She has been doing great on it, with virtually no side effects and her CBC's have been normal. She has developed Scoliosis, but we are not positive this is from the GH. She receives an injection, 1.8mg 6 out of 7 days a week. She still walks, runs, and plays without assistance. Her symptoms of AT have not gotten any worse since she started it.

Morgan has not gone through puberty yet and we continue with her GH injections. And we will continue with them for as long as her endocronologist feels it's necessary. I look forward to passing along your study information to him. I truly feel that without these hormones, Morgan's A-T symptoms would be worse.

I truly hope that our situation gives you more hope for success with your study. If you would like any other information, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time and good luck!

Tammy Giltner
Overland Park, Kansas (USA)